Eye Treatments

At Macadamia, we can enhance your natural beauty with our exquisite semi-permanent eyelash extensions. Let your eyes shine brighter and your lashes flutter with confidence as you indulge in our premium lash extension services. Before every application, our skilled technicians meticulously cleanse your lashes to ensure optimal retention and minimize the risk of infections. Your comfort and well-being are our top priorities, and we go above and beyond to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience.

Our stylists have 2+ years of experience, they are fully qualified hairdressers. They are starting their careers at Macadamia. They are competent in most areas. Trained both in the salon and at our education academy in Manchester city centre. They are confident, enthusiastic, and outgoing, always ready for new challenges with a competitive nature. They are self-driven and capable of achieving your hair goals. 

Our stylists have 5+ years of experience. You can guarantee that a level 2 stylist will have lots of ideas to share with you. They have access to many educational platforms, ensuring that they have the confidence to offer changes that you may not have thought of.

Have 10+ years of experience, they have a plethora of ideas for your hair journey. Have excellent consultation skills to ensure you are listened to. Ambitious stylists that want to do well in their positions and continue to develop their careers. They’re often willing to learn new things, setting high goals for themselves and working hard to achieve them.

Our seasoned hairdressers, with decades of experience. Each stylist has extensive knowledge of cutting and colouring. They offer an advanced level of consultation to ensure you receive the results that you expected. Becoming a master of their craft takes years of practice and are quite often found mentoring the other stylist to help hone their skills. Confident stylists believe in their abilities. Level 4 stylists often need less coaching than other levels.

Semi-Permanent Eyelash Extensions.

All our Lashes are cleansed before application. An important procedure to ensure retention and reduce infections.

Senior Therapist
Lash Removal£15.00
Classic Eyelashes£45.00
Classic Top Up£25.00
Russian Top Up£30.00
Weekend Lashes£23.00
Strip Lashes£10.00