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Did you know the Egyptians were the first to utilise makeup? They used copper and lead around the eyes to get the well-known dramatic Cleopatra eyeliner appearance! See how Macadamia stylists use Makeup to give you that party-ready look.

The Egyptians were the first to utilise makeup, using copper and lead around the eyes to get the well-known dark and dramatic Cleopatra eyeliner appearance!

Since then, there have been some significant changes, and make-up boundaries are still being pushed. From the delicate ‘I’m not wearing make-up, make-up’ to wedding, costume, and special effects. We can express ourselves in so many ways thanks to the miracles of make-up.

Macadamia Hair Spa specialises in wedding, costume, and daytime make-up. Lashes and hair can be added to the process for a complete makeover. We utilise a variety of make-up products to fit you and your desired appearance, so we’ve got you covered!

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