Maintain Moisture

Even a short amount of time in the harsh sun can have drying effects on your hair. Try a deep conditioning mask to your weekly routine or a nourishing serum to your daily routine to help restore shine

Cut Back on Washes

Washing your hair too often can strip your hair of natural oils. If you feel you sweat a little too much try switching to a dry shampoo in between normal washes or tie your hair up off your neck. If you are feeling a little bit braver, why not go for the chop! Take a look at our blog on the top short styles to keep cool in the heat.

Careful with the Chemicals

If you swim in a chlorinated pool, then if you can try and wear a swim cap if you are on holiday and the swim cap doesn’t compliment your new bikini, then wet rinse and wet your hair before you swim and if you can put your hair up in a high bun to keep your hair out of the water. Afterward, apply a good conditioner and opt for gentle shampoos.

Wear a Sunscreen

Sunscreen’s not just for your face and body, you can apply it to your scalp too! Make sure you pick the right type, you can use the same as you would for your face, but this may make your hair a tad greasy. Try looking for a scalp mist for ease of application.

Wear a Hat or a scarf

Top of the list for hair protection is a hat. Hats can look fab and super chic but are also the most effective protection from the sun. Be sure the hat offers 50+ UPF for the best protection.


If you’re hair is feeling a little limp in the sun, why not book in for a treatment or maybe event go for a cut, check out our blog on the 5 Short Hairstyles to Keep you Cool this Summer.

We hope we’ve given you some useful tips. If you’re looking for a treatment why not give the team a call on 0151 420 5656 to make an appointment.