Picture Perfect Wedding Hair: Bridesmaids Updos & Styling

The biggest day of your friends’ life and you were given you the honour of being a bridesmaid. While this role comes with many joys, it also brings some responsibilities, like ensuring your hair looks absolutely stunning. After all, you’ll be standing by the bride’s side, and you want your hair to be picture-perfect for the countless photos that will be taken. We have just what you’re looking for!

Choose the Right Updo

One of the first things to consider when styling your hair for a wedding is the choice of hairstyle. While there are countless options, the classic updo remains a timeless choice for bridesmaids. Updos can be sleek, elegant, and versatile. They work beautifully with various dress styles and are excellent for both indoor and outdoor weddings.

At Macadamia Hair Spa, our experienced stylists can help you choose the updo that complements your face shape, hair texture, and the overall theme of the wedding. Whether you prefer a romantic, loose updo or a more polished and structured style, we have you covered.

Don’t Forget the Rehearsal

Practice makes perfect, and the same holds true for your wedding hairstyle. A 1 hour appointment is scheduled for wedding hair practice and on the day at Macadamia to ensure your updo is exactly what you envisioned. Our stylists can work with you to create a look that suits your personality and style, and you’ll have the opportunity to make any necessary adjustments. This way, you’ll feel confident and at ease on the big day.

Consider Hair Accessories

Adding hair accessories can elevate your bridesmaid updo to the next level. Whether it’s delicate pins, a decorative comb, or a floral crown, we can help you choose the perfect accessories to match your hairstyle and the wedding theme.

Pamper Yourself with Professional Hair Care

In preparation for the wedding, treat yourself to a nourishing and rejuvenating hair treatment. Our salon offers a range of treatments, including deep conditioning and glossing treatments, to ensure your hair is in its best condition. Healthy, shiny hair is the foundation for any stunning updo.

Long-Lasting Hairstyles

Weddings can be long affairs, and you’ll want your hair to look fabulous from the ceremony to the last dance. Macadamia Hair Spa uses high-quality styling products to ensure your updo stays in place all day and night, without feeling heavy or sticky. You can trust our salon to create a hairstyle that withstands the test of time.

Why Choose Macadamia Hair Spa?

As you prepare to be a radiant bridesmaid at your friend’s wedding, consider Macadamia Hair Spa for your hairstyling needs. We take pride in offering the following:

  • Experienced Stylists: Our professional stylists have extensive experience in creating beautiful bridesmaid updos. They stay updated with the latest trends and techniques to ensure your hair is on point.
  • Relaxing Atmosphere: At Macadamia Hair Spa, we provide a tranquil and calming environment, helping you relax and enjoy the pampering experience.
  • Customisation: We understand that every bridesmaid is unique. Our team will work with you to create a customised look that enhances your natural beauty and fits your style.
  • Premium Products: We use only the best hair products to ensure your updo not only looks great but also remains healthy.

Picture-perfect wedding hair is just an appointment away at Macadamia Hair Spa, the number one hair spa in Widnes, stuck for ideas? Anyone of our technicians will be happy to talk with you and suggest the perfect wedding hair ideas. Contact us to schedule your bridesmaid hairdo, and let us make you feel even more beautiful on the special day.


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