We are all very aware of the current worldwide situation and while we are in this very peculiar and upsetting time together, at Macadamia Hair Spa we want to deter you from making any rash decisions and to put the scissors down!

DIY can be tempting during such a stress-inducing period like this; I can hear you all now saying “but this bits a bit long”, “I wonder what I look like with bangs”, “I have so much time on my hands”, however, please hear us out.

There are so many better ways you can look after your hair during this quarantine period. Even if you desperately want to scratch that itch – who’s to say you will get the desired effect? (It could turn out worse than before!)

Cutting your hair with regular kitchen scissors isn’t going to cut it, I’m afraid (pun intended). Blunt scissors are going to leave you with split ends, and a very hacked looking do, resulting with a need to visit the hairdressers anyway! Save yourself the stress, hassle and upset and leave the hairdressing to the professionals.

Keep your locks looking fabulous by using regular nourishing products – including hair masks, leave-in conditioners and hair rinses. A good scalp massage will boost hair growth and don’t forget to protect your hair by using serums and oils for heat protection.

We really do wish everyone the best during this challenging time – Stay safe, take precautions and see you all back here once it’s all over.