Senior Therapist
Shellac Removal
File and polish
Princess Manicure
Macadamia Spa Manicure
Why not put your best 'hand' forward for that handshake?
Manicure with Shellac
Shellac combines the resilient finish of a gel nail overlay with the ease of paint-on colour. Shellac is for the natural nail clients who have trouble keeping polish on for more than a couple of days.
Luxury Manicure - includes heated mittens
Manicure but also includes exfoliation of hands & masque treatment. It helps to ease stiff joints & moistens dry hands.
Acrylic Nails
Adds strength and length, good for clients that have difficulty growing their own natural nails.
Removable Gel
Use Secrets Removable Gels to build up the natural nail, to sculpt nail extensions or as an overlay over a tip. Secrets Removable Gels also come in colours for polished nails without the dry time. Can be soaked off with Acetone instead of being filed off.
Acrylic Nails with Shellac£35
Acrylic Nail Infills£22
Acrylic Nail Infills with Shellac£29
Acrylic Nail Soak Off with Mini Manicure£15
Acrylic/Gel Overlay£25