Hair Extensions can add volume, colour, create texture or add length to your natural hair. We offer a range of extensions and hair pieces allowing you to achieve your desired look and the 100% human hair extensions can be professionally coloured to suit your needs.

LengthHair Rehab PriceHalf Head hair only
Full Head Application hair onlyFull Head Application hair onlyIndividual hair onlyFittingPrice list half headPrice list full head 4 PackRemoval
Tape 51 Pack2 Packs3 Packs4 Packs
14" 20g£50£80£120£160£10£120£200£280£10
18" 22.5g£50£100£150£200£10£120£200£320£10
22" 25g£60£120£180£240£10£120£240£360£10
Nano RingsRemy Cachet25g strands50g strands
18" 0.8g£25£50£1£200
I tips 5050 tips100 tips (2pack)150 tips
(3 packs)
Individual hair only
2 packs
3 pack
14" 30g£60£120£180£2£180£300£360£10
18" 40g£90£180£270£2£180£360£450£10
20" 40g£90£190£270£2£180£370£450£10
22" 50g£100£200£300£2£180£380£480£10
Weft1 Pack
For Volume
2 packs
Length & Volume
3 packs
Seriously big hair
2 packs3 packs
14" 60g
18" 70g
22" 75g

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