This health and safety protocol advice has been created to help Salon Owners / Managers in the reopening of their business post Covid 19 lock down. At this current time, the information enclosed is not based on Government guidelines, once these are available they should be followed at a minimum. We will continue to share guidance from the official Government websites for both ROI and UK as it becomes available and will update as the information changes.

In these new and challenging times measures must be put in place to ensure the safety of Salon Teams , their clients and all those associated with the Salon day to day business. The aim is to minimize contact between all those involved and ensure key and necessary hygiene habits are in place and maintained until further notice.

Salon Organisation

Work Station Adjustment

Adjust the number of workstations in your salon to maintain a distance of at least 2 meters between each station.
This minimum safety distance of at least 2 meters must be maintained in all directions around each workstation/ Client and working Stylists/Colourists.
Only the Client and their Stylists/Colourists should approach each other for the duration of the hairdressing service.
This 2 meter distance also includes other salon areas e.g. reception , back wash, staff room , bath room and any other communal areas of the salon.
Simultaneous working with several Clients by one Stylist/Colourists is only recommended if the protective measures below are adhered to:-

– use separate cleaned/unused working materials and tools for each client.
– observe the protective distance of 2 meters.
– observe personal hygiene protocols out lined later in this guidance regarding hand disinfection, change of disposable gloves and mouth-nose masks /cover.

Ensure your team is clear on your new salon hygiene protocols for both themselves, their colleagues and clients.
Create in-salon signs, social media tools and update your website on the measures you are taking to protect your staff and clients.

Waiting Area and Arrival at the Salon

Seated reception waiting areas, if big enough, should be set up to include the 2 meter distancing guidance , however for most salons this is not practical based on space restrictions.
Set up a queuing system, advise clients to arrive for their appointment on time and not before to avoid a back log.
Think about setting up an outside space where clients can safely queue should they arrive earlier than expected or ask client to wait in salon vicinity and text /call them once their stylist is free to come into the salon for their appointment.
Consider keeping the Salon door open to minimise having to touch the door handle, this will also support good Salon ventilation.
Clearly display the Salon hygiene guidance for clients to ensure they are aware of the new protocols.
Remove magazines and literature from reception.
Consider where and how clients coats are stored to allow for hygiene needs.
Disinfect all retail products and retail area regularly and ask clients not to self-select products.

Cashier / Payment

At the payment /reception area consider a protective shield being placed between the customer and the cash register/ receptionists.
If possible process payments by credit card, ideally using contactless payment.
And remember to disinfect the touch pad buttons before and after each client has used the machine.

Bath Rooms and Staff Rooms

Hand sanitizers, skin-friendly liquid soap and disposable towels must be provided.
Adequate cleaning and hygiene should be maintained.
You may need to adjust cleaning rotas. Sufficient distance must also be ensured in Staff rooms areas.


All areas of the Salon including Staff Rooms, Bath rooms must be adequately ventilated – even in unfavourable weather conditions.
This reduces any risk of infection as it may reduce pathogenic droplets present in the air.

Working Equipment/Tools Sanitisation

Working tools such as combs, brushes, electrical equipment should only be used on the washed clean hair.

Multiple use with different people, without intermediate cleaning is not acceptable.

All materials must be cleaned after each customer, with a disinfectant cleaner.

All tools must be cleaned and disinfected at the end of each client appointment.

Offer sanitiser at every touch point for the client.

Perform hand hygiene in front of your clients to show them that hygiene is a priority.

Clean salon ‘uniform’ or work clothes daily with warm water at 60-90°C with normal washing detergent.

Where possible, try not to share items between your teams.

Ensure all bins have an inner plastic bag/liner, ensure you have closed bins for disposable items and remove all bin liners at least daily.

Follow manufactures guidelines when it comes to cleaning equipment.

Perform hand hygiene in front of your clients to show them that hygiene is a priority.

Team Working Hours

Organise a working hours rota based on the maximum client capacity that’s possible each hour, there is no need to have more staff in the salon than needed.
Consider longer opening hours and weekend opening.
Plus staff breaks on rotation to ensure distancing can be maintained in staff room area.

Internal Meeting & Trainings

Meetings or employee training should be reduced or postponed to the bare minimum. Alternatively, use telephone or video conferencing should be used as far as possible.
If F2f meetings /training is necessary, there must be sufficient distance between the participants.