Extensions are a fantastic way to accentuate your fabulous hair, adding volume, colour, and length. Our long-lasting products will stay with you for up to three months, or longer with a maintenance appointment every 1-2 months.

The first week can be deceiving to those with sensitive scalps, your head isn’t used to carrying that additional weight so it may feel unnatural or even slightly heavy for the first couple days but your head will adapt, for anyone feeling discomfort for longer than a week you may find that reducing the length a little could be just the thing to resolve this issue without any loss of look.

Now we’ve covered the very basics let’s get on to caring for your hair, the most common problem you may experience after showering is knotting during the drying, this can be easily avoided by squeezing and pat drying, any other method will tie the hairs together. Properly brushing whilst holding the hair in your offhand to avoid tugging higher up when brushing and working from the bottom up to the scalp is the safest way to ensure your extensions remain perfectly in place and untangled. This shouldn’t be a common routine as you should only wash your hair once to twice a week, there can be exceptions to those with especially greasy/oily hair, or those who sweat a lot from exercise, in this case it’s best to use a dry shampoo recommended by your stylist as to not upset the extensions ability to stick.

Another common issue is weather dependent, you can often find when conditions reach below 0 degrees your hair can begin to dry out, this coldness can lead to another downfall for your hair as finding comfort in a hot shower can equally dry out your hair, we all know cold showers in the cold months are pretty masochistic despite the benefits, so why not turn down the heat to lukewarm, keeping you warm and your hair lush and healthy.

There are many products that do wonderful things for your hair that will also ruin your extensions, make sure you’re in the know or you might just discover stickiness issues, colour changes and more. you can find out more information via our Aftercare Leaflet

For anything else you may be concerned about any one of our wonderful staff would be happy to assist, you can contact us here.