How to Banish Annoying Split Ends for Good

Split Ends
We are heading for a heatwave, so we’ve highlighted five short trendy styles guaranteed to help you stay cool this summer, from the classic chic bob to a trendy mohawk, not only that – short hair is seriously on-trend.

Are you suffering from dreaded split ends? The pandemic probably hasn’t helped, missing your regular hair appointments. You’ve lost your sleek glossy look and it’s time to take action and get it back.

Split ends happened when your hair is dry and brittle and are the result of a lack of regular trims, heat damage, and over-coloring. Lack of moisture causes the ends of your hair to fray and left untreated can travel up the shaft causing more damage.

Top Causes of Split Ends

  1. Applying too much heat to your hair
  2. Overexposure to the Sun
  3. Friction from Rubbing your hair too vigorously when drying
  4. Over-styling your hair, brushing excessively
  5. Washing your hair at too high a temperature
  6. Chemical treatments
  7. Chlorine damage from swimming

How do I Get Rid of Split Ends?

  1. Get a Cut

If you don’t have a regular trim, they split will simply travel up the shaft of your hair, meaning you will need an even more drastic cut to get them under control, curb them with a trim every 6 to 8 weeks. Your hair will look healthy and fuller.

  1. Limit the heat

Hair straighteners and hair dryers will dry your hair, leading to more split ends. Aim to let your hair dry naturally at least once or twice a week. Keeping styling to a minimum can help stop further breakage, also lower the settings on your hairdryer, and if you must use straighteners, use heat protection. Heat also applies to washing your hair, washing hair in hot water can make your hair dry, try lowering the temperature of your shower, the cooler the better.

  1. Don’t be too rough

Use a good quality hairbrush and be gentle when brushing your hair, try not to tug your hair, especially when it’s wet. Be sure to squeeze out as much excess water as you can and If must brush your hair when it’s wet, use a wide-tooth comb start from the ends and avoid pulling at the root.

  1. Treat It

Adding moisture like a weekly treatment will restore the shine to your hair and will help keep split ends in check. Condition your hair every time you shampoo, but just to the ends to avoid losing bounce, and use a deep conditioning treatment once a week. For extra care, if you style your hair a lot use a leave-in conditioner before you style your hair.

  1. Protect it

Just like your skin, your hair needs protection from the sun to reduce damage so try to keep your hair covered, stay in the shade or wear a hat in the sun. Also avoid chemicals, especially from the pool. Chlorine is incredibly drying for hair so wearing a swimming cap will prevent damage.

Follow these tips and you will have delicious-looking hair in no time. Check out our blog on how to get your hair sunshine ready.

Split ends out of control? Call the team on 0151 420 5656 to book a trim.


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