Macadamia’s Loyalty Rewards

Macadamia Hair Spa's VIP club, a way of giving back to those who continue trust us with their hair and beauty needs.

For every visit you make to Macadamia Hair Spa, you will earn 1 loyalty point per appointment,  These loyalty points serve as tokens of appreciation for your continued support. As you accumulate these points, you’ll unlock exciting opportunities to indulge in our luxurious treatments and services.

Whether you’re craving a revitalizing facial, a pampering massage, or a stunning new hairstyle, your loyalty points pave the way to a world of indulgence. Our dedication to providing top-notch experiences extends beyond just your visit,  it’s about rewarding your loyalty and making each moment with us memorable.

Next time you’re in the salon, ask us about our Loyalty Reward Program! 

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