Spring Summer Nails Inspiration for 2022

Summer Nail Inspo
We are heading for a heatwave, so we’ve highlighted five short trendy styles guaranteed to help you stay cool this summer, from the classic chic bob to a trendy mohawk, not only that – short hair is seriously on-trend.

If you’re bored with your usual colour why not switch your classic French manicure in favour of a brighter, punchier look? Check out these top trends for nails this summer:

Bold graphic designs

Colourful, eye-catching bold print nails from a tropical look with quirky pineapples to bold lime green tips, to rainbows – anything goes. The perfect look to make a bold statement this Summer.

Shimmering Glitter

Shimmer is the most subtle effect of the glitter family, but still gives you the sparkle look you crave. perfect for Summer and everything looks better with sparkles.

Glass Nails

The latest trend to hit the salons are clear nails, fast becoming a summer nail of choice. Originally from South Korea created by Eunkyung Park, the technique, use tiny ‘shards’ of cellophane applied to the nails, which gives the illusion of broken glass and has been an instant hit.


Summer 2022 isn’t afraid of colour, that’s for sure, with Neon oranges, and pinks, your nails will definitely be making a statement this year.


If you’re seeking something calming, then these soft pastel manis are a popular choice for summer 2022, these beautiful soft colours are the perfect complement to your summer outfit of choice.


Ombre isn’t just for your hair! You can create some beautiful colour combos to match any outfit. One of the simplest yet often dramatic effects. From a soft neutral gradient to bold bright colours add a touch of glitter for the party look.

Slipping into some sandals for the summer? Why not book yourself in for a mani-pedi? Or treat your hands to a pamper with a massage and a polish. You’ll leave our salon feeling like a million dollars. Call the team on 0151 420 5656 to make an appointment or take a look at our nail treatments here.


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