The Macadamia Range

We’ve reached the halfway point of the year. The past six months have seen Macadamia's own range of products grow bigger and better than any previous year. Below are some of the products we’re excited to bring you and what they can do to enrich your beauty care routine!


Macadamia has developed three distinct products that excel in providing extra lift and appearing thicker and fuller.

Volumising Spray x10 – Our strongest spray yet, just lift the hair and spray at the roots, or spray throughout the hair before styling to give it the structure it needs to appear its best for longer!

Volumising Shampoo – Clean your hair without weighing it down with our new shampoo, this shampoo will spread throughout your hair to provide volume and bounce all while doing its job to remove excess oils and residue from hair products.

Volumising Conditioner – Improve hair texture and appearance with our volumizing conditioner, this lightweight formula detangles and smooths hair, making it easier to brush through while providing the necessary nutrients to keep it hydrated and healthy.

Coloured Hair

Colour Conditioner – Conditioner specifically designed to enhance and maintain the colour of dyed or coloured hair, it creates a protective barrier around the hair strands helping to prevent colour fading, locking in the colour for longer.

Colour Shampoo – Our colour shampoo cleanses impurities without stripping away the colour, our formula is made to be gentler than traditional shampoos while increasing vibrancy and hydrating your hair and scalp.

Blonde Conditioner – Macadamias Blonde Conditioner adds shine and luminosity to your hair leaving a glossy coat to give you that radiant summer look! Revitalise your colour and remove brassy & yellow tones for a truly blonde result.

Heat Protection & Repair

Thermal Protect – Thermal Protect creates a barrier between your hair and the high temperature generated by styling tools and hot weather. This can keep your hair’s moisture trapped for longer adding shine and smoothness.

Argan Enriched Conditioner – Argan oil is rich in essential fatty acids and vitamins which help to moisturise and nourish your hair, this also helps keep your hair hydrated for longer preventing heat damage and frizz.

Argan Enriched Shampoo – The soothing properties found in our argan-enriched shampoo benefit the scalp and help in creating a balanced environment for healthy hair growth whilst also reducing the chance of hair breakage by strengthening the strands.

Hydrate Conditioner – Designed to address dryness, frizz and overall lack of moisture our hydrate conditioner is fantastic at treating as well as preventing these issues as locks in moisture to even the driest of hair helping to repair damage and improve its elasticity reducing the chance of further breakages.

Our Other Beauty Products

Dry Shampoo – Macadamias dry shampoo is a great product for keeping hair clean between washes without using water, this makes it ideal for on the go or travel, as well as being a time saver as it’s quick and easy to use.

Hair Thickening Crème – Our hair thickening crème is a lightweight, leave-in product that volumizes hair, enhances its texture and provides long-lasting results to keep your hair looking better throughout the day. The coating of crème helps each strand of hair to look its best, raising it with some extra lift gives the appearance of a fuller, thicker head of hair.

Hair & Body Perfume – This versatile fragrance usable on both hair and body has been formulated to offer a pleasant scent that lingers on the hair and skin throughout the day, this all over product is easy to apply and usable from head to toe, it will nourish your skin and hair whilst keeping it smelling great! 

Stop by anytime, Cronton Widnes’s number one spa has a range of products that can meet the needs of light to heavy hair treatments, stop by or give us a call on 0151 420 5656 and we’ll be happy to discuss your requiremnets and recommend something. 


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