Everybody wants to be Summer ready, on-point nails, a holiday-grade tan and a fresh and fabulous hairstyle. You may just want a fresh cut or a condition but if you’re feeling like you need to bounce into Summer with a pop of colour, then here are the colours we think will be super popular for Summer 2022.

Strawberry Shades

Our personal favourite! The perfect sweet spot between red and blonde. Many celebs have jumped on board with this colour, Blake Lively pulls this colour off a treat. Perfect for straight or curly hair and if you’ve got the hair for it, pair it with bangs for a retro-chic look.

Beach Blonde

Wave hello to a super chilled beach vibe look with sandy blonde tones graduating into a light blonde balayage. Perfect for the laid-back beauty.

Pastel Shades

There are some beautiful pastel shades reminiscent of delicate crystals lavender amethyst, pale blue agates and delicate pastel pink rose quartz. A soft playful palette that brings back childhood memories of cotton candy, marshmallows, and fizzy spaceships.

Caramel Chocolate Balayage

If you’ve got dark hair and don’t want anything too drastic then a Caramel Chocolate balayage is perfect to give you an elegant lift. Add light brown and warm blonde highlights to give you a decadent sophisticated look and you’ll be blending in with the Monaco scene in no time!

The Silver Lining…

Greys and Silvers have been popular for a while amongst blonds, but this year, brunettes are embracing the trend and the silver hair trend is set to stay with new ashy shades. ‘Mushroom Brown’ is strategically placed with lowlights and highlights for the sassy, confident, I know who I vibe.