We have got a special offer for Macadamia Hair Spa customers this month.

Purchase a series of six blow dries in August 2020 to receive a generous discount and a goody bag.

Safe for every kind of hair, a good blow dry has the power to add a sleek sheen to even the driest of hair. They can shape, sculpt, smooth and boost shine. Even if you were born with bone straight hair, a session with your stylist can have a huge impact on the condition and finish of your hair.

Simply call us on 0151 420 5656 to take advantage of this limited time offer.

Originating from NYC, it was the ‘power-grooming’ women of the 80’s that really kicked off the blow dry trend, eventually turning it into a standard part of every woman’s getting ready routine. Where once it was seen as a serious splurge, blow dry bars are cropping up on every corner these days, making them affordable and easily accessible to women of all incomes and ages. Take it from us, once you start, it’s hard to stop!