[fusion_builder_column type=”1_2″][fusion_testimonial author=”Blue Murphy”] Just got a colour correction from Kelly and would like to say a big thanks what an amazing job shes done . The colour and condition is fab and the salon and all the staff are so friendly. [/fusion_testimonial][/fusion_builder_column] [fusion_builder_column type=”1_2″_last][/one_half_last] [fusion_testimonial author=”Danielle”] Hi Gill Thank you so much for making my hair look fantastic! It looks and feels amazing and I’ve had so many nice comments from people. Your hair salon is an absolute credit to you and is a reflection of the hard work you’ve put in and your love for what you do so well!! Lovely to see so many familiar faces again and combined with everybody’s impeccable manners (excusing themselves to speak with y…ou) and the luxurious surroundings (tea served on the silver trays and the massage chairs and mood lighting) really allows you to escape to a mini heaven and feel pampered and refreshed. I didn’t want to leave and am already looking forward to my next appointment :) Thank you so much and I look forward to seeing you again soon. [/fusion_testimonial] [fusion_builder_column type=”1_2″][fusion_testimonial author=”Aileen Cope”] Once again a brilliant colour and cut! Mark you are brill. See you in a few weeks. Aileen xx [/fusion_testimonial][/fusion_builder_column] [fusion_builder_column type=”1_2″_last][fusion_testimonial author=”Danielle Marie”] Hi Gill I’m booked in with you in a few weeks. I can’t wait to see you and Mark again. So glad you opened up your own hair salon. I’ve already been recommending you!! See you soon. Love Danielle xxx [/fusion_testimonial][/one_half_last] [fusion_builder_column type=”1_2″][fusion_testimonial author=”Joyce Felton”] Thanks to becky i love my hair back on the 13 dec joyce x [/fusion_testimonial][/fusion_builder_column] [fusion_builder_column type=”1_2″_last][fusion_testimonial author=”Geraldine Lewis”] Thanks Macadamia and Mark Moyers for a fab colour an cut – turned the massage chair up to max and totally destressed after a v.stressful day !!!! [/fusion_testimonial][/one_half_last] [fusion_builder_column type=”1_2″][fusion_testimonial author=”Carolyn Foxcroft”] Thanks Kerry at Macadamia Hair Spa for my great nails. I’m looking forward to all my other treatments in the next few weeks. X [/fusion_testimonial][/fusion_builder_column] [fusion_builder_column type=”1_2″_last][fusion_testimonial author=”Jeannette Thomas”] Had a fab morning in macadamia hair spa…..gorgeous salon, tea on a silver tray with a yummy biscuit, relaxed in a massaging chair while my hair was washed and needless to say came out looking better then I went in!! Thanks Mark x PS everyone you should go and try it :) [/fusion_testimonial][/one_half_last] [fusion_builder_column type=”1_2″][fusion_testimonial author=”Katy Hough”] Big thanks to Rebecca for doing my hair last night – love it and love the macadamia conditioning treatment you gave me – can’t wait to book in again !! x [/fusion_testimonial][/fusion_builder_column] [fusion_builder_column type=”1_2″_last][fusion_testimonial author=”Aileen Cope”] Thanks again for my new colour today!! Looking forward to coming back. Thank goodness there is finally a good hairdresser in Widnes. Aileen x [/fusion_testimonial][/one_half_last] [fusion_builder_column type=”1_2″][fusion_testimonial author=”Cathryn Hegarty”] Thanks so much for my beautiful hair :) I’m so pleased with it. Love it :D see you all soon xxx [/fusion_testimonial][/fusion_builder_column] [fusion_builder_column type=”1_2″_last][/one_half_last]