Tackling the climate crisis is a priority for Gen Z and this year you’ll see their purchasing decisions reflect that eco-friendly packaging. Refillable products will be in high demand, and new levels of conscious buying, and clean beauty.

Plant-based alternatives

Plant-based alternatives are going to be popular in 2023 and one that we will be seeing more of is bakuchiol. Bakuchiol is a retinol alternative found in the leaves and seeds of a plant. Studies have shown that Bakuchiol is as effective as retinol with less irritation to the skin, so vegan and better for the skin. Win win. [Doctor Anne]

SPF with a touch of tint

A healthy glow will be the look of 2023. Out with the foundation and over-contouring and in with the healthy holiday glow look. A good SPF with a tint is all you’ll need to achieve a healthy-looking glow.

Smudged eye

90’s inspired glam grunge will be a popular look again this year, with a smoky, smudged eye look being a popular spring trend. this will be the splash of drama on an otherwise minimal makeup look.

Minimalist Makeup

Contouring is taking a back seat and the natural-looking glow is in. #CleanLook on TikTok, which has almost 22B views.

Glossy lips

In line with the minimalist vibe, thick, heavy matte lips are out, And subtle shiny lips are in with just a hint of colour. Combine with a gloss that has moisturising effects and your lips will love you.

Nails go natural

The natural look isn’t just reserved for your makeup. Natural nails will see a resurgence too, natural shape and natural shades. French tips will be on trend, with a new and modern twist great for people wanting to add a little splash of colour.

If you want to get started with the minimalist look give your skin a pamper. Get in touch with the team to make an appointment and check out our other blog where we talk about the best skincare routine for fabulous skin