With March coming to end and April beginning we thought it time to pay homage to the breakout product of the month, the innovative Nano Tech Boars Hairbrush uses thermal ceramic ionic technology to enhance the look of your hair.

The brushes capabilities can improve texture, reduce brittleness of hair, and treat split ends. The thermal technology works to repairing damaged hair by closing cuticles that when open begin to fragment and break, this can also cause your hair to frizz-up. The boar bristles will keep hair looking healthier as it spreads the scalps natural oil sebum throughout your hair giving it a shiny look, and also protects the hair. The Natural Boar Bristles are available in 3 sizes: 32mm, 43mm and 53mm Round barrel: Large round shape creates volume and curl shine with natural boar bristles. Vented ceramic barrel heats up faster and retains heat longer. Extra-large vents in the barrel are great for airflow, reducing drying time and adding more shine. This, along with the brush’s anti-static and anti-bacterial properties, eliminates frizz and flyway’s. Durable in mild to high heat. Perfect for medium-long hair drying and styling!