Sun Damaged Hair Treatment and Prevention

With summer just around the corner our days get lighter and our hair, dryer. While we aren’t going to be dealing with the height of the years' warm weather just yet, you can never be too careful when it comes to your hair.

if you find yourself at the mercy of our favourite ball of light here are a few bits of information to understand and help deal with its harsh effects.

Firstly, let’s cover the basis of the types of damage caused by the sun, sunlight can host a whole bunch of issues for your hair from dryness, discolouration, split-ends, frays, brittleness, and frizzy hair.

Of the issues it can cause noticeably annoying damage is discolouration, enough exposure to the sun’s UV rays can bleach your hair lighter, a more extreme example of this effect would be the American flag that was placed on the moon, it was quickly and completely bleached white thanks to the sun, now while you likely won’t experience immediate white hair, it can slowly turn dark to blonde and blonde to white, and sometimes unevenly leaving an odd looking colour difference throughout.

Most of these problems will often stem from dryness and progress with further exposure, this can be prevented by implementing the proper infusion of moisture before and after your outing. If your products aren’t quite doing the job, get in contact with a member of our team who can advise you on our best moisturising products or for especially damaged hair we can book you in for treatment.

For the long-term, the best option would be to invest in some covering clothing like a hat or scarf, but with the days getting hotter the best fix isn’t always convenient. We have a range of long-lasting moisturising products that’ll keep your hair looking lush, on your next visit any one of our fantastic team can advise you which will work with your hair type.


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