Prolong Your Glamour and Nurture Your Hair Extensions

Hair extensions are a fabulous means of enhancing the allure of your locks, providing that desired boost in volume, colour, and length. Proper maintenance is key to ensuring the look better for longer!

What to expect

In the initial week, individuals with sensitive scalps may encounter a slight discomfort as their head acclimates to the additional weight of the extensions. While this sensation is normal, persistent discomfort beyond a week may warrant a subtle reduction in length, preserving your desired look without sacrificing comfort.


Basic Care

Now, let’s delve into the essentials of caring for your hair extensions. Post-shower, a common challenge is knotting during drying. Mitigate this by gently squeezing and pat drying; any alternative method risks tangling the strands. When brushing, hold the hair in your offhand to avoid unnecessary tension higher up. Work from the bottom up to the scalp for a safe and effective approach. While these steps shouldn’t become routine (as washing your hair is recommended only once or twice a week), exceptions exist for those with greasy/oily hair or active lifestyles. In such cases, opt for a dry shampoo suggested by our team to maintain the adhesive’s effectiveness.


Weather-Dependent Care

Weather conditions can impact your hair extensions. In temperatures below freezing, your hair may dry out. Combat this by adjusting your shower temperature to lukewarm during cold months, ensuring your hair remains lush and healthy. Despite the appeal of hot showers, particularly in winter, opting for a milder temperature will safeguard your extensions from potential damage caused by excessive heat.

The Macadamia team may be local to Cronton Widnes, but our tips are universal to everyone everywhere looking to improve and care for their hair extensions, incorporating these tips into your hair care routine, you’ll not only preserve the longevity of your extensions but also ensure that your hair remains vibrant, manageable, and ready to turn heads wherever you go!


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