Are you looking for a cute day-up-do? Or want to give your hair the va-vavoom it needs for a night out? Well, we can help! We now stock Hair Rehab London hairpieces and ponytails in a variety of colours.

With Hair Rehab’s known quality and affordability, plus our on-hand stylists, we can create exactly what you need for each occasion. Whether you are choosing a 100% human hair extension or our true-to-life pieces, we promise that we can find you something that won’t break the bank but will create the gorgeous glam look you want!  
So why wear a ponytail piece? Well, it’s going to give you the shape, style and a look you desire if you can’t create this with your own natural hair. Whether it’s a sleek and slick ponytail or the perfect messy one, we can tailor the style to suit your face, accentuating those cheekbones and drawing the eye up to your gorgeous hairdo.

Did you know a ponytail used to be a sign of royalty
Kings and Queens didn’t like stray hairs around their face, so take it from
the people of high society and start feeling like the heiress you are!