We use Wella products at Macadamia Hair Spa for their credibility, reliability and quality. It’s a respected brand within the hairdressing industry, and we are proud to have their range of products and colourants within our salon.

Some of our favourites include our Illumina Color, it brings out the best in your hair, unveiling unseen potential from your natural hair colour, making those high and low tones glisten. It is formulated without animal-derived ingredients (bonus!) and has become a staple range in the global beauty industry because it provides incredible light reflection and hair protection. It really is a must-have choice for permanent hair colour personality!

Our Wella SP range is also available in-store, and with products like the Repair Perfect Ends Finishing Care available you are sure to leave the salon feeling amazing from root to tip. This product restores and protects damaged hair and protects against any further damage. It caringly seals in the split ends, provides an unbeatable shine and suppleness.

Macadamia Hair Spa’s experienced hairdressers and stylists are always on hand to provide the best and most professional service, making sure your hair journey is the best it can be.