Macadamia 2023 Beauty Trend Predictions

2023 beauty predictions

Tackling the climate crisis is a priority for Gen Z and this year you’ll see their purchasing decisions reflect that eco-friendly packaging, and refillable products will be in high demand, new levels of conscious buying, and clean beauty.

Luscious Russian Eyelash Extensions at Macadamia

Make your eyes stand out in the crowd with a range of products and treatments at Macadamia Hair Spa. Our lash lift is the perfect way to enhance the shape of your natural lashes, giving you that natural, realistic and gorgeous upward curl.

13 Hair & Beauty Myths to bust on Friday 13th

There is a lot of beauty advice out there, from 10-step Korean skincare regimes to Keratin haircare treatments. We’re here to bust the myths around heat, cleansing and hydration, ensuring you get the very best out of your beauty regime.