An Introduction to System Professional

System Professional have spent 40 years developing a means to provide individualised haircare in the salon and at home. The SP scientists discovered that the energy profile in each of our hair determines elasticity, responsiveness, and fibre quality, and that the lipid level in our hair determines this ‘energy fingerprint.’

Looking to Give Your Hair Some Oomph for a Night Out?

Are you seeking for a charming daytime hairstyle? Or do you want to give your hair some oomph for a night out? We can assist! Macadamia Hair Spa stocks a fantastic range of hair extensions, hair pieces and ponytails in a range of colours.

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Did you know the Egyptians were the first to utilise makeup? They used copper and lead around the eyes to get the well-known dramatic Cleopatra eyeliner appearance! See how Macadamia stylists use Makeup to give you that party-ready look.

How long does my hair need to be for extensions?

When it comes to extensions, there are two primary questions most people have: How long should the hair be? and… What type of extensions should I use? In this blog post, we aim to address these important questions to help you make an informed decision when it comes to hair extensions.

Stay Away from the Scissors!

We are all very aware of the current worldwide situation and while we are in this very peculiar and upsetting time together, at Macadamia Hair Spa we want to deter you from making any rash decisions and to put the scissors down!

Luscious Russian Eyelash Extensions at Macadamia

Make your eyes stand out in the crowd with a range of products and treatments at Macadamia Hair Spa. Our lash lift is the perfect way to enhance the shape of your natural lashes, giving you that natural, realistic and gorgeous upward curl.

13 Hair & Beauty Myths to bust on Friday 13th

There is a lot of beauty advice out there, from 10-step Korean skincare regimes to Keratin haircare treatments. We’re here to bust the myths around heat, cleansing and hydration, ensuring you get the very best out of your beauty regime.

We Love Wella

We use Wella products at Macadamia Hair Spa for their credibility, reliability and quality. It’s a respected brand within the hairdressing industry, and we are proud to have their range of products and colourants within our salon.